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Disputes Resolution

From debt recovery to shareholder disagreements, we are experts at helping you resolve any dispute, whether inside or outside of court.

Corporate Transactions

Need help buying or selling your business or getting your corporate governance in order? Let us walk you through it.

Property Transactions

Capstone Law has a wealth of experience representing all parties in real estate transactions, including buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants.


Whether you are an employer or an employee, we can help you protect your rights under New Zealand employment law.

Estate Planning

No matter your current stage of life, you want to know that your assets and your loved ones will be taken care of.  Let us help you manage your estate.


Starting a new life in New Zealand is one of the best decision you can make for your family.  We can help you turn that dream into reality.

The driving philosophy at Capstone Law is to deliver peace of mind for our clients.  We do that by listening to you, responding to your concerns and delivering premium legal solutions to you powered by cutting-edge technology.

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How do I use litigation to achieve my objectives?

How do I use litigation to achieve my objectives?

If you have a dispute with another party which you can’t resolve privately, then your only option is to bring the matter before the Court for an independent Judge to decide the matter. However, litigation can be expensive, and even a simple case could take a couple of years to resolve. So is litigation still a practical method of resolving a dispute?

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New Zealand Court Hierarchy

New Zealand Court Hierarchy

If you have a dispute you want to resolve in New Zealand, you need to obtain a formal order from the New Zealand Court system. Which Court you apply to will generally depend on the amount of money you wish to claim from another party.

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Introduction to family trusts

Introduction to family trusts

Imagine if you want a friend to look after your young children if anything were to happen to you. In order to do so, you transfer the legal title of your assets to your friend. Therefore, your friend is now the legal owner of all of the assets. But what is stopping him from breaking his promise and doing what he wants with the assets that are now legally under his name?

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