Corporate Transactions

No matter whether you are buying or selling a business, interested in starting a business from home or are raising substantial investor capital, Capstone Law has the experience to enable you to grow your business.

From company formation through exit, we can handle your corporate legal needs.  Capstone Law has experience with every stage of the business life-cycle, across a spectrum of industries.  Moreover, we are well versed in investment information disclosure requirements and can help ensure that you and your company are compliant with the law.

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  • Incorporating businesses
  • Buying & selling businesses
  • Capital raising
  • Governance
  • Commercial contracts

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Should you buy extended product warranties?

Should you buy extended product warranties?

Many New Zealand retail stores sell extended warranties for products which you buy. What many people don’t know is that it is not necessary to buy extended warranties under New Zealand consumer law.

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Can contractors turn into employees?

Can contractors turn into employees?

Employees have numerous rights under New Zealand employment legislation. However, all of these rights are only available to employees. This means contractors are not entitled to any of the benefits and remedies available under employment law.

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